Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the idea of a Pay-what-it's-worth Agency?
Today, buyers are in charge. And yet, the buyer-power reality hasn't been clearly seen and applied in the Romanian advertising market - until just now. Although this trend is pretty new, it has been already adopted by quite a few businesses around the World. In the Western countries, there are pay-what-it's-worth restaurants, pay-what-it's-worth hotels, pay-what-it's-worth music, pay-what-it's-worth consulting, pay-what-it's-worth training, and even pay-what-it's-worth Freelance Agency. Why would Romanian marketers not benefit of this great trend of the future?
How does it work in real life?
We have built a team of experienced marketing communications professionals from Romania and the United States, with the sole purpose of delivering great solutions to the challenges Romanian marketers are being faced with. Our account managers, event organizers, art directors, illustrators, copywriters, flash designers, web designers, 3D designers, programmers, CRM specialists, SEO & SEM specialists, strategists, researchers, social media specialists, analytics specialists, branding specialists, product design specialists, technology specialists have between 5 and 15 years of experience in their area of expertise. As soon as we receive a project briefing, we start assembling a Team who works on the project, lead by the assigned Project Leader.
How do marketers react to this idea?
Our research reveals that marketers love the idea of finally being in control, getting great work done by experienced professionals, while paying what they deem to be the right price for the traditional promotional materials. TV commercials, radio commercials, press ads, flyers, POPs, brand names & logos, stationery, posters etc. Buyers can set the value and decide what each traditional advertising material is worth. It's a win-win situation: we have the experienced team, the lean processes and the right tools to deliver great work. The marketers are trained to spot great work and they know how to reward it with the fair price. We are in a healthy competition with ourselves, all the time. This will only make us better and more competitive.
What if the client wants more work done after the assignment is completed?
This is not a problem. We'll do the extra-work. See T & C's for more details.
How about the new, emerging communication channels?
For other type of communication products such as websites, e-commerce platforms, various web applications for PCs, mobile phones or PDAs, consultancy projects, blogging applications, portals, etc. - we work closely with our clients to set the exact project parameters and the right price.
What if a client decides that the work is worth nothing (zero)?
This is our client's prerogative. Usually, great work is easily recognized and acknowledged by experienced marketers. We also reserve the right not to work with clients who underestimate our work and refuse to pay for it. As a general rule, marketers are reasonable and fair and they know how to value and reward great work. So, we are not worried at all.


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