Here is how it works

1. You hand us over your challenge

[the Concise Brief]

We discuss your goals, your givens and your challenges. This way, we can build a plan that can help you reach and exceed your goals.

2. We'll complete the work within the agreed timeframe

[the Best Solution]

This is where we take it on, for we have the best talents, procedures and tools to make it happen. Our vast experience and business model allows us to move fast and efficient. You'll be consulted along the way. Checks and balances.

3. You decide what it's worth and you pay us that amount

[the Fair Price]

You are entitled to get the best. And you should pay what you deem to be the fair price - within reasonable limits - for the value you associate with each traditional promotional materials. TV commercials, radio commercials, press ads, flyers, POPs, brand names & logos, stationery, posters etc.

The only mandatory: we'd like to get a sense of what the fair price might be, and we ask for a 30% deposit of that amount upfront + any 3rd party costs - such as travel, usage rights and such. Should you require any additional revisions, additions or any further derived work, we would provide that to you, under additional work assignments. That's it.

Idea Factory

FMCG: over 85 percent of the world's online population has used the Internet to make a purchase, up 40 percent from 2007, and more than half of Internet users are regular online shoppers, making online purchases at least once a month. The highest percentage of online shoppers is in (surprise, surprise) Europe ... (read more)

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