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We are currently looking for:
- Art directors - see/download full job description: en. pdf - ro. pdf
- Copy writers - see/download full job description: en. pdf - ro. pdf
- Programmers - see/download full job description: en. pdf - ro. pdf

We are a team of experienced professionals from Romania and the United States. About 15 years ago, we discovered our passion for advertising and we put it to work. We started with the good old TV commercial, radio commercial and Press Ad, and we evolved to Web, Mobile and various Digital applications and platforms.

Big brands trusted us with their successes: Coca-Cola, McDonald's, UNICEF, Pfizer, Bayer, ING, HP, Nestle, Renault, Yahoo! and many more.

We fundamentally believe in the integration of all communication activities, which became a key element in the ROI-oriented marketing, due to the vast amount of online (digital) & offline (traditional) available channels. Our work's final goal is to generate engaging brand conversations which convert into sales.

Our Agency runs on 3 solid principles:
1. Our clients set the price for the traditional advertising materials
2. Efficiency + Creativity = Sales
3. Our employees can telecommute to work

If you're up to the task and you want to do what you love most, get in touch with us.

Send us your Portfolio and your CV and let,s talk.

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